“We just bought a New Horizons 5th wheel from Kay. This is our 4th RV. The first thing I look for in an RV is high quality manufacturing. Kay’s lot is almost exclusively made up of the top manufacturers: Excel, New Horizons, Holiday Rambler Presidential, etc. The second thing I look for is an RV that has been loved. After talking with Kay and looking at the RV Bucket List, I could tell that Kay loves RVs. After our first few days in our 2004 New Horizon, I just couldn’t get over what pristine condition the coach was in. We live in Washingston state. I wanted to get a Double Tree, an Excel or a New Horizons. I didn’t think we would be able to afford a New Horizons, but I looked all over the country anyway. When I found the one we ended up buying from Kay, I thought that might work for our family, and ultimately, it did thanks to Kay. After a lot of time on the phone and email, Kay got the coach ready for our arrival. We arrived in the late afternoon on Sunday and slept in the coach overnight. Kay came in on her day off and made sure we were fully taken care of. Her RV technician also altered his schedule to fix all the nit picky things we found overnight and made sure we could hook up in the morning. He even fixed the truck’s power connection. After we left, we got follow up phone calls from Kay. Which turned out to be really good, because unfortunately as great as everything went with Kay, things didn’t go well with the tow vehicle we bought elsewhere. Kay offered to store the RV for us while we got the truck fixed or replaced. This is the most salient point I can make. It’s a point about integrity. When I asked the truck salesman to go through the truck and tell me what was wrong with it so I could repair it before we towed our 15,000 pound 5th wheel home, he said nothing because he was afraid to lose a sale. When I asked Kay how the tires were on the coach, she honestly told me that they were 7 year old tires; that they looked fine but she would highly recommend replacing them before we towed the rig home. Do you think most sales people would be afraid to lose a commission over $1,500 worth of new tires? I do. Of course, the rest is history. We sure didn’t have to worry about problems with the coach when we picked it up. The truck on the other hand, that was quite a different experience. I have never felt better about an RV purchase than this one. I know that for the years we enjoy our children’s adolescence, this RV will be at the center of much joy and fond memories for our family. I don’t care where you live; it’s worth the trip to buy from Kay. I guarantee you won’t regret it.”