“Our fifth wheel experience with Kay’s RV begins like this. My husband and I had been looking for the perfect RV to fit our lifestyle for years. It seemed like everywhere we went, they tried to push us into buying an RV, never allowing us to think about it. We both always felt pressured and overwhelmed by them, so, we never found the one we were looking for…We had looked at so many new RV’s and we were more confused than ever when, my husband said, “let’s take a ride out to Moriarty.” That same day we took a late Saturday drive down to Moriarty, never thinking that we would find our dream home on wheels. There she was, we saw her from the road, our 32′ Alpenlite 5th Wheel. My husband and I both fell in love with the back window. Kay came out and introduced herself, told us the story of her father and we found ourselves just listening intently to her. Her vast knowledge of the RV business was mind boggling. Any question we threw at her, she answered, and if she did not know it, she found it later and answered every question. Kay took the time to answer what seemed to be at least a million questions I had, never making either of us feel stupid or unimportant. We walked into this beautiful 5th wheel with the big back window…Bob and I both fell in love with it. Kay then told us the story of the owners…it was so well cared for and it was everything we were looking for. Kay told us all about it, the RV and the way it had been cared for. Kay told us both to take the weekend to think about it…I do believe in my heart that Kay saw my eyes light up and knew I would call her back the next day. Still, no pressure on her part to buy it. On our way home I could not stop talking about the 5th wheel and the way I felt about meeting Kay. I told Kay when meeting her how much she reminded me of my dearest friend. Needless to say, the next day after discussing it in great length with my husband, we called Kay and made arrangements to see it again. Sold. Kay’s knowledge is priceless and her friendship is something that will always be so special. She cares for each of us that buy from her past and present. Kay sets everything up for you and makes it so easy. I would definitely send my friends and family to Kay’s RV. I truly trust her. Kay ahs made a lifelong friend with us. I only hope Kay knows how very special she is. Kay has made buying our first 5th wheel an awesome experience.”