“Our “RV affair” started with Kay’s RV a couple years ago. We had a large travel trailer and were planning a trip back to the northeast to view the colors. Our truck would not handle the load so we decided to sell the trailer and purchase a smaller one. We had seen Kay’s RV many times on our trips to and from Albuquerque. So, we decided to give her a chance to sell our trailer. We took it in and told Kay what we wanted out of our trailer. We left it with her to sell. Well, within a few weeks she had a buyer. When we took our trailer to sell, we noticed a small 5th wheel on her lot. After she sold ours so quickly, we bought the small 5th wheel and took it on our trip. When we returned, we asked her to sell it. And sell it she did. Wow. The next year we decided to take a trip to Alaska. We purchased a small motorhome and made the trip. It was too small to keep for future trips, so we again asked Kay to sell it for us. Again, within a couple weeks she had a buyer. We are currently looking to purchase a larger 5th wheel and will always consider Kay’s. We could not be happier. Kay is a fantastic person and a fantastic person to do business with. She is very professional and business friendly. It is a family owned business and has a family atmosphere. Happy Campers,”